Sunday, March 6, 2016

March 6 Day 10

Good Morning all,

I am sure finding that posting every day is a challenge to find the time. Today is Sunday and this weekend has been my first weekend that I have really felt the effects of the keto way of eating. I am a machine, I seem to be unstoppable, I have boundless energy and am in a very good mood. My biggest observation is how calm I seem to feel. I think maybe it is because this no longer feels like a diet choice, it is a lifestyle. I feel amazing and I am over the bad part now.

Compared to the last time I did this, I feel very educated. I have found the most wonderful facebook group called ketogenic success. So much knowledge in that " room" it is a place to celebrate all of the little victories. For example, yesterday I made bread from scratch with my boundless energy.

now, 2 things are interesting about this. First of all, prior to keto I had a really foggy head from my fibromyalgia, I could not for example read a recipie and retain any of it. I had a hard time baking for that reason. Seemed to complicated. I am on medication for the fibro and was still having the head fog issue, I find now 10 days into keto I have been able to read and retain alot more. This is pretty fantastic since I have a course for work that is due on March 20. I am not near done but now that my head works I feel I am able to get going on it.

Second thing interesting about the bread is that I didnt even feel an urge to eat it, I was so satisfied making it... but in doing that I realized I had not eaten all day, I had coffee in the morning but that was it. It was 6 pm when I decided I should make food and really it was hard to eat. Have to be mindful of that one, I do not suppose I can just not eat.

So that part is going well, the money part, well not so much. I have been forced to go over budget a bit. I had only worked part time for the past 2 months and so although this pay check was the one I was going to begin my austerity with, well, I have had to go into what I put away to get a few survivial things. My medication for an example is 64.00... after coverage. I did give in to a few frivolous things too. I dyed my hair, I bought a curling iron. Shampoo conditioner and leave in conditioner. Also, two bread pans.

So I can justify most of it, not the curling iron or hair dye .. karma is a bitch though, I burnt my thumb on the curling iron.

orking on making extra cash though, I am knitting dishcloths for sale. So far I have 75.00 in orders. I have decided to put the money for them right on credit. no point in saving extra money if I owe money. As a financial adviser I KNOW this.

SO I have decided that next pay day I am putting away my cards. Going to put them all in a lock box and then I do not have the ability to go on a spree at walmart because I am bored. I have to control myself a bit and put a bit of a leash on me.

The other thing that was fun that happened was I got back the pictures I had done as my sexy before pictures. Even chubby I still look pretty cute. They made me feel good , I have found I feel sexy and I feel confident just Knowing that I am doing something for myself to better myself.

OH MY GOD, I made a Meatza the other day. it was wonderful. I think I may start a tab for food creations on this page. Maybe down the road. I have alot on my plate these days.

A few goals established this week as well,

The boy and I have been talking about trying to rent and open a gallery space for art, he does amazing alternative photography. I like to model for these types of things and I want a place to sell my wares ( knitted projects and jewelry if I get back into making it ) . My biggest struggle is time management , I seem to never have enough time to do much of anything, Trying hard to boost my income through monetizing the blog and through any avenue I can think of.

It is early days and I have total faith that in a year my life is going to look so much different, in a good way.

Cheers for today, talk soon. Please feel free to comment and share the blog if you know anyone that might benefit from reading along with another's story.

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  1. Yay, I've been looking for a blog like this & thinking of starting my own. I'm also a member of ketogenic sucess. Keep it up you're doing great!