Friday, March 18, 2016

March 18. End of week three- Exploring true hunger

Hello Cat and Kittens!

For the last couple days I have been very careful about carbs. I mean I have been very into not tracking my levels for the first 20 days or so but now I am trying to get a little more dillegent about tracking them. The issue I have is that I do not like to track electronically. I find that it feels like a chore to me. So my solution is that of a typical writer. I have turned to the pen and paper. I got myself a wonderful little day planner and this has evolved for me into so much more than a food tracker.

This is a typical kinda of day. Each day I also set an emotional goal for myself. This is mainly so that I can have a focus that will keep me from eating emotionally.

I had an interesting experience today though, I left it too long. Was a typical day I had my coffee with English double cream and then later I had a cup of hot broth with butter and another coffee later. I am currently studying for an exam so I didnt take any time out of my day to eat any actual food. All was well, I didn't feel hungry through any of that time Then, at about 5:30 I noticed I was really wonky. My hands were trembly and I was having a hard time focusing. My keto pizzazz was all but gone and I really really needed food.

The strangest thing about all of it was I still had no growley stomach signs of hunger, my body had no idea that it needed food, well at least not my stomach. I wonder if this is what they are talking about when talking about true hunger, the body's need for sustinace ? I have never had hunger that wasn't fully insulin driven. I felt a million percent better after I ate but I learned a lesson. I am not yet stable enough to go so long without food. I do not know if it was a sugar thing, or an electrolyte thing.

I am not diabetic but I do have pre diabetic symptoms so possibly that was it, a sugar drop of sorts.


Oh hey, I also got all my " before" pics back. I can not believe I am about to post them on the internet but here is my fav.. I can not wait to show the after in Feb 2017

It was good to do pics that made me feel pretty. I feel amazing on the WOE. Not sure what else to write at this point, better go back and study up. I have to pass this thing for work... tonight..

Cheers and good eats folks

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