Monday, March 21, 2016

March 21 - Family Dinner and Fed Up.

Good Afternoon and Happy Spring!

I love the spring, every year I decide I am going to do something ambitious with my beautiful property. Every year I decide that it feels like way to much physical work! I think possibly this year I may just get a garden in. I am having fantasies about growing cauliflower that will not cost me 8.00 at the store.

For those of you who are not from the great white north, we are averaging 8.00 Cauliflower currently and I have not bought one in about 2 months!

I believe the sunshine is making me spring drunk! As Bambi would say I am twitterpated.

Ok enough with the silliness, I had a very interesting day yesterday, I consider it a huge win in the life of this keto girl.

It was my sister and my nephew's birthday, and in the spirit of family I was hosting a dinner for the two of them. I was more than a little concerned about this. My " recovery" from carbs is just 25ish days old. ( I have stopped counting days as I know that March 25 is my monthaversary).

The requested menu was chicken, veggies, potato fries, bread stuffing, then of course there was corn, carrots, pickles and the dessert. A cupcake cake set on a brownie.

I had to cook all of this , prepare the cake and sit down to a feast with 7 people. I am so proud to say that I survived. I did not even really feel much temptation. I did eat some carrots, I had cooked them in garlic and herb butter and they smelled amazing. I was surprised at how sweet they tasted actually. I made a sour cream and cream cheese dip for the veggies and cooked the chicken with half a pound of butter.

Really.. half a pound of butter

There was a request from my lovely fellow ketoers on the Ketogenic Success page to make sure that the picture appeared on the blog so there it is!

I found the bread stuffing to be my biggest challenge. I really love bread stuffing and it is hard to feel like it is a dinner occasion without it but I found that once I just sat and began on my heaps of veg with the sour cream dips and my beautiful buttered chicken I was ok.

I love to cook and so the family dinner prep usually falls to me. I found it was fun to create and smell the foods that were forbidden this time. I was surprised at how much I didn't want to eat them.

So dinner, was a win.

I have a cold. I am fairly whiny when I have a cold. I will admit it is the one thing that will slow me down and turn me into a 5 year old wimp.

As soon as I got rid of my houseguests last night I sat down with my 13 year old to watch Fed UP. I had watched it the other night but I really wanted her to see it.
Both my girls have been asking questions and looking into a Paleo eating plan. I encourage that but I do not feel that they should go full keto. Neither need to lose weight and the energy they put out in a day I think they would feel awful. Besides the fact I do not believe either one of them would be dedicated enough to take the magnesium, drink the water and over salt the food to keep electrolytes up.

She made it half way through the movie and asked me some very interesting questions. One of which was " what is diabetes?" It is a very hard thing to explain to a younger mind. She also wanted to know how thing that were not sugar could BE sugar when you ate them. Again, this was a very hard thing to explain.

I managed to say in simple terms that if it came from a plant or once had a heartbeat you should probably eat it. If you had to open a package , you should probably not eat it. We are going to work together to help the concepts make more sense. I am a big one for encouraging independent thought so it is her choice to do this or not.

Alright, well, I think that is my update for the day. I am very very excited to do my one month weight in this Thursday! I have move my weigh day to Thursday as it makes better sense in my life.

I want to take a second to thank everyone who has let me know they are reading along, it means everything to me. I am an artist and words are one of my best art forms. I believe in what we are all doing through the health of Keto. I am happy to share my journey with you. Thank you so much for letting me know that you have been sharing it with me.

Cheers and good eats.

- Ginger

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