Saturday, March 19, 2016

March 19 - Fed Up and lettuce enchiladas

Hello cats and kittens!

I passed my exam! I wrote until 1 am last night but when I finally finished and submitted, ended with 72%. Not perfect but a pass and I will take it!.

2 more to go before I can call myself a certified financial planner!. It has never been my ambition to be this but for my job it will open all the doors I need to maximize my job there and go for the bigger positions. I seem to not be able to settle for where I am when I know there is a higher level to reach, even if I kick myself for it later.

I had a few glasses of wine afterwards, I am thinking this is something I need to dial back on a bit, Make sure I am just having a glass or three on Fridays and not the rest of the week. I have always been a wine drinker, as a foodie it is just par for the course. The thing is every time that I do, I pause the ketosis process in my body as it has to burn the alcohol sugar first. It is not really hurting per say, but it is slowing and pausing the healing process that my body is trying to go through.

So, I think I am getting a cold, my man is down with one and I thought I was going to avoid it but then tonight.. poof, my nose is running and I have a headache, hallmark cold symptoms for me. Oh well, not the end of the world, irritating with a nose piercing but hey guess I did that one to myself!

But, given that I am feeling slightly under the weather I have tossed my plan of cleaning out my closet while listening to my daughter and her 13 year old bestie giggle in the other room beside me. I am instead watching " FED UP" which is one of the best documentaries on sugar effects I have seen ever. I have watched it before but I was feeling the need for a reminder after going to the movies this afternoon and narrowly avoiding popcorn.

I made myself the most wonderful dinner to go with it, Lettuce enchiladas.. not from a book, I just played with food and that was what I produced. I made a guacamole for the inside and grass fed ground beef from my Uncle's ranch. Then I made cheese crisps and a siracha sour cream to put on top, was so amazing. The only thing I was missing was cilantro.

I added cream cheese to the ground beef and cooked it in butter to make sure I got the fat ratio in there. The grass fed beef is delicious but naturally lean due to how well it is fed so you have to add fat.

Anyway that is today's update, I have noticed the scale is going up and down daily , I am not concerned about that as I am feeling smaller daily as well, so strange this ketogenic world.

My goal after being keto for 8 weeks will be to give up diet pop. It is an issue for me. I have limited it alot but I am still not able to quite let it go. For tonight it is time to knit and watch movies and listen to my perfect kiddo laugh with her best friend. Life is good today, plus there is a ladybug living in my bedroom. The pagan in me thinks this is a wonderful sign of more good to come.

Good night all,

cheers and good eats!

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