Tuesday, March 15, 2016

March 15 Day 20- what the whoosh was that & New Name.

Good afternoon Cats and Kittens,

Well there have been a few interesting developments in the Keto Project over the last few days.

I will start with Saturday, Went out to a dive bar show with my boy, got all dolled up in my best leather and plaid and out we went.
Had a great night! I was the Driver so my night was all diet coke and a bunless burger with Salad for dinner. Burger was so good, Goat cheese and friend onions and veg. I figured it was plenty of food because of course I am getting more and more adapted to eating a ketogenic diet. This means.. I am just not hungry very often.

We stayed out until the small hours and finally got back home about 2 am. Sober as I was, I decided I would like a nice dry glass of red wine. It was weekend, I was way under my carbs for the day having only eaten that wonderful burger. My boy and I turned up the tunes and drank the wine until 6 am. It was a rare night, one for the books and I had so much fund.

Now when I woke a mere 4 hours later because I had to go be a responsible parent, Life was not so rosy.

1) Dehydration does not begin to explain how dry my mouth was. I think I was actually exhaling sand.

2) I simply wanted to die, not enough food to process the alcohol I ingested ( way more than one glass of wine ... )

3) I have never , ever been that hungover in years.

I pulled it together and did what I had to do in the day, out of curiosity I got on the scale to see how badly the sugar alcohols of the wine had effected me.

To my shock and amazement I was down.. overnight.. 3 pounds.

I stood on the scale 3 more times to make sure. it read the same each time 170.3. I could not believe my dry, aching eyes.

I ran of course to my new favorite people on the work on the Ketogenic Success page through facebook. This is apparently called a whoosh. Basically means your fat cells have been filling with water and hiding the fat loss until one day " poof" they let go and deflate you like a water balloon.

Now, when I think back on it, I was freezing cold all day Saturday and I could not get out of the bathroom. I was peeing all day. I suppose that could have been a sign that I was going to woosh. I am never really cold by nature. Peeing all the time, well that is actually pretty typical of me.

So that was Sunday, If I had not been on my death bed I probably would have jumped for joy. As it was I threw up my broth and butter but no matter, my own fault.

I did not eat too much on Sunday, but I was as I stated very dehydrated. I tried to drink and replace water all day but I just felt dry.

Monday rolls around and my insides are not happy. I was bloated and gassy, ( sorry for the visual but I did promise to honest ) . I felt like nothing was right and nothing I drank was helping.

I got home from work and decided to check my ketostix, to my surprise the stick was negative. ok..... So I have not done anything differently. I hit the internet.

Again, I turned to my FB page friends, they assured me this was probably a good thing, my body was adapting to using the ketones I was producing for fuel. The time has gone so fast I guess it is just about the right time frame for that coming up on a month soon.

So again this morning, as today is my usual weigh in day, I jumped on the scales, slightly smug, wanting to see that 170 number again. ... 172.3 Wha????

I have decided the scale is simply a lying liar who lies a lot. Of course I would be up, I have done nothing but drink water for 2 days and my body got so dry it is afraid to let go of any of it. I suspect that in a few days I will let go of the water and all will be well.

So that has been the few days in the Keto project as far as my personal life goes. I have also been listening to the Ketovangelist podcast which I am devouring! With Salt!

I have also changed the name of this site to simply " the Keto Project" because I believe that although austerity is a part of my life now, Ketogenic life is opening mental doors for me that I never knew I needed to open. I need to talk about this and share about this journey. This is all consuming, I need to write about this. The cash part, well it can wait for now. Good night for now Keto Kitties! I will talk to you all soon.

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